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Description of Air Conveying for Empty Container:
Ergonomically designed for optimum cleanability, our empty container air conveying systems are fitted with a removable deck for inside cleaning. They also have a removable convex top cover with an integrated cable tray, and offer users easy clip and slide neck rail replacement.
In lines that have no combi solution, empty container air conveying systems are required to transport empty PET bottles from the blower to the filler.

Finally, our empty container air conveying systems are sustainable solutions. Higher performance and energy savings are gained through their dry lubrication for the under-neck guide, which has an improved lifespan. The lubricant is approved by food-processing standards. Our systems also benefit from a 20% decrease in drive electricity consumption by the ventilation columns. The machines’ very low friction coefficient improves reliability.

Precision Filter (Cartridge Filter Housing)
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