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Description of Cream Filling and Sealing Machine:
This cream filling and sealing machine is specially designed for cubilose bottles and other large-mouth bottles, and it can automatically finish the work of bottle feeding, filling, capping, and sealing. Its rotary valve structure is quite suitable for filling cream and liquids with small particles.  

Its main components are valve filling device, 4 filling heads, one capping head, and control system. And it should adopt box packing and container transport.

Features of Cream Filling and Sealing Machine:
1.Compact structure, stable performance, high reliability and good applicability.
2.Combination of filling and sealing device.
3.Its one-button control makes its operation easy.
4.With many detachable parts, this cream filling and sealing machine is easy and convenient to maintain.

Cream Filling and Sealing Machine

Cream Filling and Sealing Machine

Main parameters of Cream Filling and Sealing Machine:

Bottle Size cream bottle
Production Capacity 2400~3000 bottle/hour
Package Accuracy 0~2%
Rate of Sealing ≥99%
Power 2KW
Electric Supply 380V/50hz, 3phase

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