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Description of GMP Drum Ultrasonic Washing Machine:
This GMP drum ultrasonic washing machine is specially designed for cleaning antibiotic bottles, injection ampoules, and oral liquid bottles.
Stereoscopic rotary drum structure is used in this washer, and mechanical arms are used to grip bottles. The spray pipe is responsible for following back and forth. Bottles are washed by ultrasonic waves and water vapor alternately.
This GMP ultrasonic washer should adopt box packaging and container transport.

Features of GMP Drum Ultrasonic Washing Machine:
1.The transparency of bottles can satisfy related standards only after washing by ultrasonic waves and pressure water.
2.There is no cross contamination in water and air pipes, so this machine completely confirm to GMP requirements.
3.Easy to install and maintain.
4.One-button operation system makes it easy to control.

Note: If there are any broken bottles, please clean them up immediately.
GMP Drum Ultrasonic Washing Machine

GMP Drum Ultrasonic Washing Machine

Main parameters of GMP Drum Ultrasonic Washing Machine:

Production Capacity  3600~18000 bottle/hour
Bottle Size  2ml-50ml glass bottle
Head of Working Stick  40-60
Consumption of Water  0. 5-0. 8 m3/h
Water Pressure  0. 15-0. 35Mpa
Consumption of Air  30-45m3/h
Air Pressure  0. 25-0. 35Mpa
Ultrasonic Power  3kw

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