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Description of Linear Ultrasonic Bottle Cleaner:
This linear ultrasonic bottle cleaner is specially designed for cleaning bottles of medium and small size.

Its structure is linear. Bottles in the disk are placed into the special net box, and then they will be sent to the ultrasound water area to take ultrasonic waves. After that, bottles will be conveyed to cleaning area where they will be internally and externally cleaned by recycled water, deionized water (or distilled water, pure water), and purified compressed air in turn.

This cleaner should adopt box packaging and container transport.

Features of Linear Ultrasonic Bottle Cleaner:
1.High performance, no broken bottles, and easy to change bottles.
2.This linear ultrasonic bottle cleaner can wash bottles of different types, and is really an ideal choice for manufacturers.
3.One-button operation system ensures easy control.
4.With many detachable accessories, it is easy to install and maintain.

Linear Ultrasonic Bottle Cleaner

Linear Ultrasonic Bottle Cleaner

Main parameters of Linear Ultrasonic Bottle Cleaner:

Production Capacity  4800~18000 bottle/hour
Bottle Size  5ml-50ml glass bottle, clinical Bottle
Consumption of Recycling Water  0. 5 m3/h
Water Pressure  0. 20-0. 25Mpa
Consumption of Cleaning Water  0. 5 m3/h
Water Pressure  0. 20-0. 35Mpa
Consumption of Compressed Air  24m3/h
Air Pressure  0. 20-0. 25Mpa
Ultrasonic Power  1kw
Electric Supply  380v/50hz, 3 phases
Power  4kw
Size  customized according to production output

LANTYPC® is a professional manufacturer of linear ultrasonic bottle cleaner in China, and our equipment mainly consists of pharmaceutical machinery, food machinery and chemical machine, like ultrasonic glass bottle washer, tunnel sterilization oven, aluminum cap sealer, paste labeling machine, bottle turntable, drink filling line, flow-type filling machinery, wide-mouth bottle screw capper, and so forth. All of our products have received the CE certification and strictly conform to GMP standards, and they are quite popular among customers from Russia, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Mexico, Ukraine, Belorussia, Kazakstan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Egypt and so forth. OEM and various training services are also available. If you’re interested in our linear ultrasonic bottle cleaner, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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