Description of Light Examiner:
This light examiner is mainly used for inspecting bottles in the oral liquid production line. Its main components include bottle entrance, light examiner and bottle exit.

Bottles to be examined are arranged in a line before they go to the entrance, where they will be transilluminated by while light in their back. Meanwhile, there is a magnifier in front of bottles to magnify them so that foreign matters in them can be easily found visually.

It should adopt box packing and container transport.

Features of Light Examiner:
1.Good magnification rate to make foreign matters easily found visually.
2.One-year warranty period.

Note: Safety goggles are necessary during visual examination.

Light Examiner

Light Examiner

Main Parameters of Light Examiner:

Production Capacity  4800 bottle/hour (9600 bottle/hour)
Bottle Size  10ml-20ml straight tube bottle
Examination Way  2 times magnified to be examined by eye
Electric Supply  220V/50hz
Power  0. 5kw (1kw)
Size  1350×580(780)×1300

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