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Description of Empty PET Bottle Air Conveyor:
Empty PET Bottle Air Conveyor system air conveyor system, air conveyor belt device is to make PET empty bottles in a certain pressure and speed of air under the driving effect, along a predetermined track,It is a kind of fast and accurate conveying equipment which is regularly conveyed to the destination. Duct is widely used in the beverage industry in the empty bottle conveying, conveying speed, high efficiency, can meet the needs of high-speed filling machine; less damage to the bottle; long conveying line, flexible and diverse layout, can be horizontal conveying, up and downhill conveying and turning conveying, but also vertical conveying; covers an area of small, can make full use of the space of the plant structure is simple, high reliability, easy maintenance.

Technical Parameters:

name value Remarks
Production capacity of the whole line   >60000BPH  Calculated by 600ml empty bottle  
Speed of air duct bottle delivery 2.5~6m/s Calculated by 600ml empty bottle  
Ducted bottle single/large weight 120g  
Blower power 2.2kw 2800rad/Min
Air volume 2840m3/h With inverter adjustment
Air pressure 600~1000pa    

Precision Filter (Cartridge Filter Housing)
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