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Description of PET Bottle Air Conveyor:
Wind conveying line is the equipment that uses wind power to convey PET empty bottles, which is widely used in the beverage industry for PET empty bottle conveying. It realises that the empty bottles produced from the blowing machine are directly conveyed to the labelling machine and filling machine, which reduces the turnover pollution of the empty bottles in the conveying process and saves the production cost. The wind conveying line has a long conveying line, diversified layout, horizontal conveying, up and downhill conveying and turning conveying reasonable configuration, can make full use of the space of the plant, has achieved high efficiency, high speed conveying PET bottles to meet the needs of high speed filling machine.


Product features:
The whole air conveying duct is made of 2mm thick SUS304 stainless steel with cross-section size of 240mmX220mm.PET empty bottle conveying line mainly consists of fan power device, conveying duct device, bottle dropping device and bottle clamping device.

Fan power unit
According to the needs of the production line, we can reasonably configure the air conveying power device, air filter (primary, medium or high efficiency) and air volume regulator (manual or frequency conversion), to ensure that the empty bottles are smoothly conveyed in the air conveying line.

Conveying duct device
Modular conveying ducts can be selected for horizontal conveying, turning conveying, up and down conveying, and according to the requirements of the customer's site for the optional split conveying or parallel conveying.

Bottle dropping device
Manual and automatic bottle dropping device can be selected according to customer's requirements.

Bottle clamping device
Bottle clamping device is installed at turning ducts and cross-channels to transfer bottles in groups to minimise scuffing of bottles and the occurrence of bottle jamming or clogging.

Precision Filter (Cartridge Filter Housing)
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